Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the top few, don't hesitate to e-me or call me at 707-888-0882 if I don't have it covered here (or if you just want to chat).

What do I bring?
This is highly dependent upon you. I have one basic requirement which is thigh highs (black) and appropriate shoes. You should also bring appropriate undergarments, even if you don’t intend to be shot in just those (you can’t wear a black bra under a white blouse if you are not wanting attention to that – capiche?) Casual clothes, something Mom would like to see you in, anything fun. Load the car up and we will take it from there. I do not limit clothing changes, nor do I ask you to have all this figured out before you get here. If you think “maybe” then BRING IT – Bella Femme is creativity – we will pull what we pull; use what we use. And jewelry is big, so is makeup. Come in loose clothing so we don’t start with clothing marks.

How much is this going to cost me?

Twenty Million Dollars. I do take credit cards. LOL – the shoot is going to cost you $150 If you are coming to me. If I am going to you it is $250 (Northern CA within a two hour radius of me) You can figure on spending anywhere from $250 on from there. I show you the photos and you decide. I don’t lock you in before we get there. It’s your call. You don’t have to spend anything if you do not your like your images.

I’m really nervous… can you help?
Oh hell yes. EVERYONE is. Read my philosophy page and then call me, we can chat. I’m available – this is us. Not just you, not just me, but us. Just call me and let’s talk about it. There is no commitment in a phone call. You have to get a feel for me too, I understand that. I’m here.

Why should I do this?
You have that answer better than I do. If you are asking the question, you know the answer: It’s time to see yourself again. That’s my answer.

What is the time involved?
Most sessions run 2-3 hours. I schedule 3 hours. It takes what it takes. This is a labor of love not a math equation.

What can I expect?
To be very nervous going in and to be on top of the world going out, then you can expect to have a melt down a few days later because you will not be able to believe you looked as beautiful as you felt – then you will be even worse when you come in to see the photos and THEN you will see what I saw… you are as beautiful as you feel. You can expect to be handed who you are. Maybe you didn’t know that, but it is there. You can expect to be personally empowered. And loved.

My butt is too big, my stomach to flabby, my thighs, ears, nose, lips, elbows, skin tone, age, I hate everything! What do I do???
Mostly you can shut up and let’s get down to the business of being beautiful as opposed to insecure. I, personally, have a pancake ass, so THERE!!!! Let’s laugh and see who you are.

I’m too old.
Bull shit. My favorite clients are in their 60’s. Free, happy, beautiful – it’s what all the rest of us strive for – And, did I mention Beautiful? I think I did.

Do I have to be naked or in my lingerie? I’m not comfortable with that.
No, of course not. This isn’t a formula. There are no requirements. Beautiful is beautiful. It is not synonomous with naked, for heaven’s sake.

Makeup? Hair?
I have professionals that can help you, or we can help you. Come with minimal. Face powder and mascara is a good start – it’s easier to build as we go.

How long will it take to see my final images?
I try for a week. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more depending on my schedule. But 7 days is a good bet.
How long after I place an order until I have my actual prints in hand?
2 weeks, depending on what you ordered. Book designs can take longer, as do larger framed prints.

I see so many photos on your site – will mine be on there? What is the Privacy factor?
“What Happens in the Studio, Stays in the Studio” I pride myself a great deal on the privacy I hold for my clients – I think you need to know that when you are here. The photos you are seeing are allowed by my clients, shot, by shot, for you to see. Other than that, your secrets are safe with me. I ask; I respect.

Do you travel?
Yes. I can do this work anywhere we have space to do it. I can work anywhere – be it a cave, a messy bedroom, a crash pad. I can make this work. I do charge more for the travel sitting fee depending upon where I’m going. But the work will not disappoint, I promise. No matter where I am.

Where are located?
I am in Middletown, CA, about a half hour north of the Napa Valley. My Studio is small and humble, but I love the privacy and the light. I also love the part where, (thank you Middletownonians) I can pretty much go anywhere, avail myself artistically of anything, still have privacy and creative freedom due to the kindness of my townfolk.

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