Destination Weddings, which is what you would call a wedding out of your personal area, is a big deal with most photographers. It makes us feel like you really want us; like we are special. I, personally, figure that anyone who hires me for me thinks I'm special, and when raising two kids, I had a difficult time taking jobs that took me away from home because when I returned absolute chaos reigned.

But its different for me now. (My boys grew up and left home. How rude, don't you think?) Now I'm free to go wherever I want, whenever I want. I speak a couple languages, and I'm fabulous at waving my arms and pointing and jumping up and down and doing cartwheels when necessary if I don't speak the language. (OK, I'm flat-out lying about the cartwheels and unless you want to take me to the emergency room in the middle of your wedding, please don't ask me to do any). Suffice to say that I will do whatever it takes to get your wedding covered and I'm pretty good (well, very good) at rolling with the punches. (Cartwheels excluded - or any other type of random gymnastic thing. Really: No.)

Your added expenses in the Continental US are going to be a plane ticket cost for me and a couple nights hotel. We can discuss the need for a second, but very often in the US I can get someone as I am blessed with knowing a lot of great photographers all over the place. Outside of the US, we need to talk - but I will do my level best to be fair.

I want to go. I'm an artist. Yeah, I am an photographer, but to me being an artist is being able to jump into a new challenge and coming up with something new. Sooooooo....if you have a new place for me to go and subsequently a new artistic palette for me to work from - then lets talk. I will give you everything I have to give.

Hmmmm..... Am I really pathetic or what?


I will now resist the urge to test my newly-found website skills and make that last highlighted and flaming...I really should try and write these things at 2 in the morning...

..........*toddles off into the other room with the boxer dog and watches Nip/Tuck......*